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                     Miniatures Terrain Making Tutorial

The sun shines on the battlefield, the silver gleam of the knights
armor is almost blinding to the bloodstained army of darkness facing
them. The commanders on both sides are shouting their final orders
before the battle begins. Battle standards are waving proudly in the
wind as the knight commander gives his signal to start the battle.
Shouts can be heard from both sides, the armies are running to the
confrontation and the echoes of war resonate miles away. The final
battle for the paper towel  tower has begun!

     Ever felt like your miniature army needs a battlefield worth fighting
for? Then maybe this tutorial is for you. I will show you step by step,
along with pictures, how to make great-looking terrains that won't cost a
fortune to buy. In this tutorial, I will make a temple encased in a hillside.

Step 1: Preparation
 Once you have an idea of what you want to build, you should make
a sketch of your design so that you will have a general idea of the
dimensions of your project. Try to also make a list of the materials you
will need before building it so that you won't get stuck mid-project
because you don't have glue or the right paint color.

Hillside Temple Building Materials List
  • Insulation Styrofoam (various thicknesses)
  • White Glue (and watered down white glue for use in spray bottle)
  • Acrylic Paint (shades of greens, browns and greys)
  • Paint Brushes (don't use your best quality ones)
  • Knife and/or Hot Wire Styro-Cutter
  • Finishing-Touch Materials (I used rocks and turf from Woodland
    Scenic and used skull shaped beads)

Here is a list of alternative materials you could use if you don't want to
pay for the finishing touch products
  • Sand or Sawdust (you can paint or dye it in natural-looking colors
    for grass, dirt, pebbles)
  • Small Pebbles or little chunks of Styrofoam (to look like rocks)
  • Moss or Lichen (to use as bushes)
  • Balsa Wood (use as broken beams)
  • Wires (twist/bend together and paint to look like vines)

                    Fig 1.1: Temple Sketch
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