The Fragment Worlds are a post apocalyptic high-fantasy roleplaying
game setting for the d20 system. The Fragment Worlds have been
created by Marc Gilbert (Cyberdrake).

The Fragment Worlds are Post Apocalyptic
The old world has been struck by a comet fifty years ago and shattered in
countless floating continents called Fragment Worlds. A strange mystical
force binds these continents together so they won’t scatters through the
voids of space, creating a precarious stability that allowed life to survive.
The Fragment Worlds setting takes place fifty years after the disaster.
While most humans lived have been born in the new worlds and have
adapted well, many of the long living races remembers the Day of the
Shattering as if it was yesterday and are still mourning the old world.

The Fragment Worlds are Diversified and Chaotic
Although life survived the apocalypse, the fragment worlds are still a very
chaotic setting, each Fragment World (floating continent) are bound by
different laws, so living on a Fragment can be totally different from living
on another. Some fragments are bound to a specific plane so spells and
creatures are tainted by this plane. Many fragments are high on some
natural resources but lacks others, some Fragment lacks air but are very
rich on some minerals, others lacks water but are very rich in fire, some
are high magic while others are magically dead.

The Fragment Worlds are Yours
Since there are hundreds if not thousands of Fragments in the Fragment
Worlds any game master is free to create his own Fragment World or to
use any of those already created in their games. Fragments varies widely
is size, shape and essence, the largest ones are about a thousand
square miles. Each Fragment also follows it owns set laws so any GM
could find a Fragment fillings their needs and tastes, if you want magic to
be accessible by everyone, make your campaign in a high-magic
fragment where each player/npc starts with a few spell-like abilities, if you
want magic to be very difficult, use an impeded magic Fragment has your
campaign setting. I truly hopes that some game master submit their own
Fragment ideas to the website so the whole Fragment Worlds community
will benefit from it.

What Do I Need to Play?
As a d20 setting, the only manuals needed are Wizards of the Coast
Player’s Handbook, the Dungeon Master’s Guide and the Monster
Manual. For creating new Fragments GM will find a lot of useful
information in the World-Building (p135) and the Adventuring On Other
Planes (p147) sections of the Dungeon Master’s Guide, another good
resources for GM who wants to run their game in very disorienting
Fragments would be the Manual of the Planes.