Spider Caves Set Sold
Dream Weaved Worlds Achievements
The Dream Weaved Worlds Achievements system is a way to reward
support from the community. Basically, the more support received from the
community (Purchase of products, donations, word of mouth to increase
traffic, useful suggestions/topics in the forums...), the more Free Stuff is
given away.
3 Bonus tiles have been released so far. They can be previewed and
downloaded by clicking the thumbnail on the left.

-1 more Spider Caves Set to sell before the release of the next Free
expansion tile.
New Forum Members
The first member to join the forum rewarded the community with the
generator shown to the left.
Website Visits
With 25 visits 7 days in a row, the map shown in the thumbnail to the left
was released.

The next step is to reach 30 visits, 7 days in a row.
Level 1: Complete
Ideas Generator
-Still one more member to join before the next award.
Bring The Site To New Heights
There are lots of ways for you to help the website and many achievements
(not necessarily shown yet) that will bring rewards to the community.

The best way to help and be rewarded is to be active. Post some
comments in the forum or on Facebook; bring in suggestions; show your
own talent by posting your maps or tutorials; send some paypal donations
or buy my products; visit the website as often as possible and tell your
friends to join.
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