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Dark Cult Caves
Average Encounter Level: 1
Terrain Type: Caverns
Environment: Underground
Most Common Encounter Type: Humanoids

General View: The corridors and rooms of this section are generally lit
by a few torches hanging on the walls, the torches flicker as air moves
through the tunnels. With the flickering of torches, the general light is
sometimes bright, while the next second the gusts of air might nearly
blow out the torches, creating a near pitch black environment for a few
seconds. The environment is a contrast of bright lights near the
torches and deep shadows in the corners of the rooms.

General Sound: Dark ritual chants echo through the rooms of these
caves but are sometimes covered by the screams of prisoners and
tortured beasts.

General Smell: The smell is an odd mix of the potent mixtures of
strange liquids used for experiments and of ritual spell components
like incense. Some drafts of air also carry the smells of excrements
from the prison areas and blood from the sacrificial chambers. The
humidity of the caves also lingers in the air, smelling of moisture.  

General Feel: Hard rocks cover the ground, walls and ceiling of the
caves and the floor is slightly uneven. The area is damp and a bit
slick, but not to the point of perturbing balance.