Can I use your tiles for free on my project?
Yes, please use my work in your non-commercial project(s) (video game,
mapping program, RPG website, RPG campaign etc.)but make sure to
credit me properly and display the Creative Commons License. A donation
would be appreciated but not required. If you would like to use my art for a
commercial product, see the section below.
I see a lot of donation boxes around your website; how does it
While you are allowed under the Creative Commons License to use my
work for free (for non profit work) I needed a way to finance the website's
cost and my time spent updating it. Various donation boxes have been set
throughout the website and each one has a small easy to reach objective.
Each time that objective is reached, I add new material under the CC
License that will be available for everyone, creating an ever-growing
library of Copyright free content that the community can use for their own
How do I credit you properly?
-On a website: please display my name (Marc Gilbert), website and the
Creative Commons License logo close to the art you've used.
-Video Game: please display my name, website and the CCL logo in the
credit section of your game. The credits must be able to be seen in the
opening sequence of the game or through the main menu (End of games
credits are rarely seen).
-Printed product: please display my name, website and the CCL logo in
small but readable print in a corner of the art itself or stamp it in bigger
print on the back of art.
-Other products: Use common sense based on the above examples and
send me an e-mail to see if I approve.
Can I use your tiles for a commercial product?
Yes, but you must first send an e-mail specifying the project you want to
use my work with, along with a donation of $1 per tile used or $200 to
have the right to any tiles published under the Creative Commons License
on this website. You will also need to display the CC License logo, my
website ( and write my name (Marc
Gilbert) in an easy to read section.  Rate subject to change without notice.
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